September 29, 2016

Ottoman Coffee Table Ideas

September 15, 2016

Dining Room Design Board & Dining Table Must-Haves

The other weekend I was over at my parents house to celebrate my father’s birthday. If any of you know me personally or have been following me on Instagram for a long time, then you might know that my parents were living in OR for the past couple of years. This May, however, they made the decision to move back to Michigan and only be 1 hour away from me. This change has been pretty exciting for me, to say the least. 

Anyways, in my parents new home they have a formal dining room, so when they had everyone over for dinner my mom realized she had no table settings to create a tablescape so she enlisted me to bring some of my own stuff.  which I happily brought. After the fact, though, she decided it was about time to get her own stuff and spruce up the dining room so I was happy to help her out! 

Here is the design board that I created using some of her existing stuff to keep it an easy transformation. It was fun to create because it challenged me to create something beyond my own personal style! 


My goal in the design board was to keep it rather simple and something that can last throughout the year. I myself like to change things up regularly, but I can respect those like my Mom that like things more permanent.

Once I started searching for sources for her, I quickly realized that there were so many knockoffs for higher end products. That said, I created a splurge vs. save image and sources for those of you who might not like to invest top dollar in home d├ęcor items like my myself:)  I couldn’t believe in some cases the items were exactly the same!

Thanks for stopping by! Fall is finally here so I'm SO excited to start my projects again and share them with you! Stay Tuned:)