December 22, 2014

Mini Christmas House Tour

Happy Monday, everyone! With Christmas only 3 days away, I thought I would share a couple of photos of how I decorated for Christmas! With this being our first Christmas in our house and still getting situated, the decorations are very minimal. I didn't want to spend much money on holiday decorations seeing as we still have furniture and other home related items to purchase. Even with the insignificant amount of decorations,  I still love how it turned out and am so excited to be spending our first Christmas together in our own house! 

December 19, 2014

My Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! I wasn't able to get around to writing a blog post this week due to being swamped with work, Christmas shopping, and hurrying to get our coffee table built in time for Christmas, but I thought that I would at least share a Friday favorites today. Many of the items I chose for this week could also double as great presents if you are still in need of some gift ideas.


December 11, 2014

Family Room Design Board

Since we moved into our house, I have been in the process of coming up with a design board for our family room, which has been both a fun but daunting task. Within the last three months I have probably created 30+ designs on my computer due to the fact that I'm a somewhat perfectionist but also am a very indecisive person at times, so it hasn't been until recently that I feel like I'm officially set on a design plan!

The family room is the most used room in our house, so when coming up with a design plan it was important that the design was both practical but also a design that we both liked. Paul's only requests for this room was that it was comfortable and did not have much gold accents, which was something that I could easily do. Here is the design that I'm finally set on: 

December 8, 2014

No Sew Custom Length Rivta Curtains

Today I'm going to show you how I made these $40.00 custom length no-sew curtains for our family room! 

December 4, 2014

Laundry Closet Makeover

In my two month update blog, I showed you a picture of our laundry closet makeover, however I didn't give much detail about it. That said, I thought that today I would go over in more depth all that we did. I apologize in advance for the limited pictures and instructions of how Paul built the shelves. I was out of town for work while he did it, and we did this project before I decided that I was going to start a blog! 

December 1, 2014

Sherwin Williams Paint Picks for My House

Happy Monday, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and wonderful weekend! I mentioned in my two month update blog how we have been focusing a lot of our time on painting lately, and that is still the case as we go into our third month of living here. That said, since we are currently in the painting phase, as I like to call it,  I thought that this would be a great time to talk more in depth about the Sherwin Williams paint colors that I chose, and the steps I think are important to take when choosing the perfect paint color for your own house.