July 28, 2015

My Master Suite Retreat

  Last summer after Paul and I got married, we honeymooned to Maui and stayed in a studio condo that had the most beautiful lanai that overlooked the ocean. We were probably in one of the most beautiful places in the world, but funny enough, one of our favorite things we did while on the honeymoon was just stay in bed and watch HGTV since we didn’t have the amenities like cable or an inviting bedroom at home to do that. At that point, we were living in a tiny one-bedroom apartment that was filled with a bunch of mix-matched furniture that we both had accumulated over our college years, and frankly, it just wasn’t a space that either of us enjoyed spending a lot of time in. That said, after spending 12 days in this studio condo in Maui, we both agreed that we wanted to create a similar retreat type feel in the master bedroom of our future together home because of how much we enjoyed  the one on our honeymoon, but of course minus the lanai, ocean view and Maui sunset, or at least for now (A girl can dreamJ). Fast-forward to almost a year later, and we now have our together home and a master bedroom that we love. Come check it out and see the latest additions to the space, including a new beautiful accessory from Jonathan Louis, and how I make our master suite feel like a retreat!

July 26, 2015


About six months ago, Paul and I made a trip to Ikea where I picked up two rast chests. I had all of the intentions in the world to begin working on them ASAP, but of course they stayed unopened until about 3 weeks ago. The reason for the delay was because I was unsure exactly what I wanted to do with them. If you have seen RAST hacks before, then you surely know that the options are endless when taking on these hacks. Months ago I blogged about different RAST ideas, but I ended up not using any one else’s tutorial, and instead created the look myself. Truthfully, they didn’t end up perfect (then again what DIY project doesn't) but ultimately I love them and I think they look great in our room.

July 8, 2015

DIY Paneled Wall

I haven't shared a DIY project on the blog in quite some time, so I'm so excited to finally be sharing one with you! We have had this DIY board and batten panel wall finished for over month now, so it's about time to finally share details on how we did it!