April 27, 2015

Oversized Wall Clock Sources

Happy Monday, everyone,  I hope you all had an amazing weekend! My weekend consisted of catching up on some much needed sleep and hanging out with Paul and doing some of our regular weekend activities which includes things like going to Lowe's, tacos at the local downtown market, Saturday Redbox movie and pizza making night accompanied by one $2 crossword puzzle lottery ticket for each of us (unfortunately neither of us won). I know it doesn't sound too thrilling of a weekend, but we prefer simple weekend staples like these.  Anyone else feel the same way?   Last week I was out in OR for work and my family lives out there too so I spent my extra time hanging out with my parents, sister and brother-in-law, and canine family members.  I took a week break from the blog to spend some quality with all of them since I hadn't seen them in 3 months and I figured  you would all understand:)

Since starting my Instagram account months ago, the number one question I get regarding where I've bought something is , "where is your clock from?".  I get this question at least on a weekly basis, so I thought I would share details where I bought it along with other sources to similar looking clocks that are also more affordable.

April 17, 2015

Friday's Favorite

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to this week's Friday Favorites where I share things that I've been loving this week! This week's favorites are all from Target's new Lilly Pulitzer Line that launches this Sunday, April 19th! I honestly couldn't be more excited for this line to come out! Anyone else extremely excited?  I have loved this designer for years but have not loved the price tag that comes with the Lily Pulitzer name, so I only currently own one thing from the regular line that I bought during their semi-annual sale.  This new line from Target, however, is much more affordable and in my price range so I'm trying to narrow down what I want to get from this line because I know it's going to sell out at fast, and well, let's be honest I would take one of everything if I could. I will be out of town on Sunday in OR, but I've already called the local Target store and luckily they will be carrying the line!  I'm curious to see how many of the items are carried in store because it seems like quite a bit of it might be online only, but either way I will still be waiting Sunday morning for the doors to open at the OR Target. I know, sounds a bit extreme, however   the line is only being offered from this Sunday through May and from my experience with other exclusive designer lines Target has carried before, items don't stay around for long! Below I have listed out some of my favorite things from the line.  The total line consists of over 200 items so here is the link to where you can find everything that they will be carrying which includes home, kids, beauty, and women clothing items. 

April 8, 2015

Kitchen layout and Style Poll

Happy Wednesday, everyone! On yesterday's blogpost I shared images of our kitchen and talked a little about the exciting future plans that we have for the space. I mentioned how we wanted to rearrange some of the cabinets to better utilize the space, however, there is a good chance you got lost in my longwinded explanation so today I'm here to show you some visuals of what I was talking about! Luckily enough, I came across a free home designer program that allowed me to not only  create a visual for all of you, but the program even let me choose different quartz countertops and wood finishes so it was even extremely helpful for me to do this in order to play around with ideas. Let's just say it was a win win situation for everyone! 

April 7, 2015

Kitchen and Exciting Future Plans

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me in the past talk about wanting to make changes to our kitchen one day, including painting the cabinets white! Well I'm excited to say that I've been able to talk Paul into that idea and we have started making plans for a kitchen renovation that we plan on starting this fall. When we bought our house we knew that we would want to eventually change the kitchen because it doesn't utilize the space very well and nor does it have the aesthetics that we want. So that said, within the kitchen renovation we want to do more than just paint the cabinets, we also want to reconfigure the current layout of the cabinets using the existing cabinets, add an island, replace countertops, appliances, sink and floor, and add hardware. Pretty much do the whole shebang! I seriously couldn't be more excited!! We plan on hopefully doing a lot of it ourselves (and maybe the help of family members) in order to reduce the cost of the project. We aren't starting the project until the fall so that we time to save for the renovation while also giving us plenty of time to make decisions on all of the finishes. Also, we want to enjoy summer without having our kitchen torn apart! 

April 3, 2015

Friday Favorites: H&M Home

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to this week's Friday Favorites where I share things that I've been loving this week! This week's favorites are all from H&M Home.  I don't go on H&M's Home website very often but the other night I did and couldn't believe how much stuff I loved! I know I'm late joining the game and many of you probably already love this store and I can totally see why! Not only do they have great looking pieces but the prices are incredible. What I was most surprised by were there pillow covers! As many of you probably already know from your own experience pillow covers can be very expensive, but some of the pillow covers they sell are $5.95!! That's like the same price as a Little Caesar pizza! The pizza is consumed in minutes though and the pillow covers I could own for years.  I don't like to eat my money so yes I often compare the cost of things to food:) 

It was hard to narrow down my favorites because I loved so much of it, but below I have listed out 8 of some of my favorite things! I haven't bought anything yet, but I definitely think I will be adding some of these pieces to our house given their prices and style! 

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