March 13, 2017

New Kitchen Chandelier- Goodbye Swag Lighting!!

I wouldn't normally dedicate an entire blog post to a chandelier, but I'm making an exception today as our new chandelier over our dining table has brought an immense amount of joy to me and I'm here to show you that making small changes in your home can make a large impact (and bring you sanity). 

March 2, 2017

Kitchen Floor Update

This kitchen floor update is long overdue, so thank you to everyone who reached out to me about them and waited patiently on me getting this up! 

In case you forgot, the last place I left off regarding the kitchen makeover was painting the cabinets white, you can read about it here. After the kitchen cabinets were done, we tackled replacing all the floor as we wanted to get rid of the last bit of orange color (the floors weren't as orange as the cabinets but still too orange for our liking).  Continue reading to see what it looks like now!