March 2, 2017

Kitchen Floor Update

This kitchen floor update is long overdue, so thank you to everyone who reached out to me about them and waited patiently on me getting this up! 

In case you forgot, the last place I left off regarding the kitchen makeover was painting the cabinets white, you can read about it here. After the kitchen cabinets were done, we tackled replacing all the floor as we wanted to get rid of the last bit of orange color (the floors weren't as orange as the cabinets but still too orange for our liking).  Continue reading to see what it looks like now! 

I snapped this photo after our new flooring was delivered and immediately I was in love. Goodbye orange planks, hello new floors!! 

After months of looking at floor options, we ultimately went with the Kardean vinyl Looselay in Taupe Oak. What appealed to us most about this option is that it is waterproof & scratch proof (ease of mind for when we have a kid), doesn't require an underlayment,  and the installation was much easier than similar alternatives which was important since my husband was doing it himself. Plus, although it's vinyl, it feels very much like wood once installed. 

The Karndean Looselay is unique in that it doesn't need to be glued down, but rather once it is put into place it doesn't move. To be safe, though, we did glue planks that went along the border to ensure it would all stay in place and nothing would peel up.  I was on a work trip when my husband installed it, but he used a dremmel saw to cut the planks and according to him he said it was much easier to install then had he done laminate planks that need to be clicked into place.  I'm realizing that this might sound like a sponsored post, but it is not, I've just spent a lot of time looking at floors and my husband and I have been really happy with this flooring option so far. 

We chose the color we did because we wanted something that was brown but had some gray undertones in it. We also wanted something that blended better with the carpet to give it a more seamless look between the kitchen and living room.

 If you are in the market of getting new kitchen floors, I'd recommend to get as many samples as possible. Don't be afraid to take home large samples from your local flooring store, or buy and return planks from Home Depot or Lowes,  because everything will look different in the lighting of your own home. We probably sampled 20 different floors before deciding on this one. 

Here is what they looked like after they were installed and the quarter round was re-attached. It's safe to say that we are very happy with them! 

I was a little afraid that the flooring wouldn't blend very well with our existing kitchen furniture, but I think that it turned out looking good together. It's not ideal, but we figured it was best to choose the flooring based on the cabinets and backsplash and not furniture that could be moved or replaced. Plus I think the darker wood gives the space some needed warmth. 

I will do a full kitchen reveal with before and afters after I style it out a little more but until then here is how things are looking so far. It's certainly come a long way

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Where did you purchase the flooring from? It looks amazing!

    1. I bought it from Carpet- Wholesale. Here is the link!

  2. I put vinyl loose lay strip flooring in our bedroom years ago and am so glad I's looks wonderful, is so easy to keep clean, has never scratched or worn despite rough use, and is softer and quieter underfoot than either porcelain tile or hardwood: being both nicer on our feet, and more comfortable for the children to play on.

    The colour you chose is a perfect bridge between the stainless steel appliances and the warm taupe carpet.
    It looks beautiful. Looking forward to your fully-styled before and after pix!
    ~ Sue G

    1. Thank you so much! So far I'm really happy with the decision to go with vinyl! I'm glad to hear that you're still happy with your choice years later, it makes me more confident in our decision!

  3. I work at a Carpet One Flooring store and I must say that the Karndean Vinyl plank really is a great fit for your kitchen - and your husband did a fantastic job with the install! It will be so much more forgiving with any spills in the future. Plus it's so easy to care for.

    Great job :)

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