March 13, 2017

New Kitchen Chandelier- Goodbye Swag Lighting!!

I wouldn't normally dedicate an entire blog post to a chandelier, but I'm making an exception today as our new chandelier over our dining table has brought an immense amount of joy to me and I'm here to show you that making small changes in your home can make a large impact (and bring you sanity). 

You see, before we had to swag the light fixture over the table and it drove me nuts. It was a total eye sore and it irked me that the light wasn't actually centered above the table length wise. I think the cathedral ceilings and dark oiled bronze color made it stand out more making matters worse.  It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't see it often, but my favorite spot on our sectional has me looking straight at it every night which made me loathe it even more. I thought I had taken a photo that captured the full extent of its "swagness" but it was so much of an eye sore that apparently I didn't give it a spot in my photo library so this is as close as I got it.

So when we decided to tackle our kitchen project, I made sure to add a new dining table chandelier on the list. I decided to go with a brushed nickel finish for the new chandelier as I wanted it to blend with all of the rest of the hardware in the space. I ultimately pulled the trigger on this Allen + Roth brushed nickel chandelier as I loved how its round shape breaks up all the rectangle shapes of the table, chairs, and windows and it also doesn't impede the view of the kitchen. Plus you can't beat its price! 

 We (meaning my husband or father-in-law) normally hang our own lights, but we hired an electrician to create a new outlet for the light so that we didn't have to swag it. It made the light cost more than we normally spend, but it was totally worth it!!

It no longer looks jimmy rigged, making the space look so much more polished. I'm so glad we we're able to cross another thing off our kitchen makeover list! I'm so happy with how it turned out!

I plan to style out the rest of the kitchen and then will share a full reveal of the makeover, stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by!


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  2. This looks awesome! Great job! We used to have two lights hanging like that over our dining room table. So when we were working on our kitchen remodel we eliminated one and left the other, which is not centered and it doesn't hang over the drives me nuts. Oh and to make matters worse, we had a box made for it, since it couldn't hang at an angle. If you don't mind me asking, how much did it cost to have and electrician come out and move that for you guys? My hubby seems to think it'd be crazy expensive, but I think it would toooootally be worth the money!!