April 2, 2015

Living Room Rug

Happy Thursday, friends. Although I hate winter, I definitely have been missing the snow glow! Anyone else feel the same way?  Our living room used to be so bright during the day and now with days like today with clouds and rain and no sun reflection on the snow, this room definitely doesn't get as much natural sunlight and well let's just say it feels a bit gloomy. Bummer, but at least this room has a lot of recessive lighting and my camera has tons of different settings ( unfortunately most of which I don't know how to use) so I'm still able to somewhat take photographs in the house despite them being pretty washed out. 

On a happier not though,  I finally got a rug for our living room! I've been wanting one for this space for awhile, but it took sometime to talk Paul into being on board with it. We have really nice carpet so he was hesitant to cover it and also thought it was an unnecessary additional cost, which I can completely understand from a logical and financial standpoint. Of course, I was more concerned with the design aspect of it so since the walls, couch, chairs, carpet, and coffee table all had brown in them I wanted a rug that added a different color and pattern to the space. I also thought it would help anchor the space and furniture, which it definitely did!

My birthday was in March so when I got money as several birthday gifts I decided to use that to get a rug! The one that I ended up getting is the gray trellis rug from RugsUSA and I got it in the 8' x 10' size. I ultimately decided on this one because I loved the design, color, and mainly because of the cost. It was 75% off which made it definitely one of the more affordable 8' x 10' rug options that I was considering. This rug might be considered gray, but don't let that fool you! It appears gray in my  pictures but in person it definitely has a lot of blue undertones which turned out perfectly in my case since blue is the main accent color throughout the room. I feel bad though for the people who ordered this rug wanting a true gray color.

Here is a little better representation of the color of the rug. It's still a little more blue in person, but at least you can probably see the blue undertones in this pic.

The only negative thing about the rug so far? There are areas that don't want to lay flat. I hope that they will just smooth out over time. It's also a thick wool rug and it kind of likes to shed. I don't notice it too much, but then again I don't often roll around on the floor, but I hope after vacuuming it a couple times the shedding stops. Overall though, I'm very happy with the rug decision that I made. I also love how it's neutral and versatile so when I change out the pillow covers (which is inevitable now that I know how to sew and am obsessed with fabric), it will still go well with everything.

What do you think? Do you think it goes well with this space? It's probably hard to tell since the images are so washed out, but I appreciate you bearing with me as I try figuring out this whole new lighting situation:) If you are rug shopping yourself, here is my blog post on rug ideas and guidelines that might help!

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  1. Beautiful! I love watching your house become a home. :)

  2. Your new rug looks great and the price point sounds unreal. Great Job!!

  3. Love the new rug! I have been debating getting a rug for our living room as well. We have carpet, but I'm not crazy about the carpet color! Maybe I can convince my hubby to let me get a rug!

  4. I love over dyed rug in my living room . Handmade overdyed is best style for best looking.

  5. They came on time (something I never expect) and were out of here in less than an hour! Andre and Luis were incredibly friendly, professional, and did a phenomenal job! Our carpet looks brand new! Highly recommend! http://natureschemdry.com/manassas-city-carpet.php.

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