March 31, 2015

Guest Bedroom Design Board

Happy Tuesday everyone! I've been focusing a lot of my efforts in the family room and dining room lately and I thought it was about time to start putting my efforts elsewhere in the house. The next room that I've decided to work on is our guest bedroom. Between Paul and I we have a lot of family and friends that live out of town, so I thought it would be good to tackle this room before having visitors this summer. Surprisingly, even Paul was on board with me doing this room right now and told me, "Ya just get it done", so I officially have the green light to move forward with this project! 

When we walked through our house the previous homeowners were using the room as a nursery. It instantly got me excited because although this room will be a guest bedroom right now, we hope that it will become a nursery for us down the road as well. Since the walls were pink and didn't go well with my plans for this room, while we were painting the entire first floor of our house we also painted the guest bedroom.

Here is how the guest bedroom currently sits.  Currently we just have our full bed in here with some of our old bedding and a pillow that I made as practice out of napkins from World Market.  We painted the one wall just white because that is where we will be putting the board and batten, and the other walls we painted On the Rocks by Sherwin William. Now on to the fun part of what I have planned for this room!! 

Here is the design board that I've created for the space. What do you think? I wanted a space that was comfortable and pretty, while also incorporating some things we already own around the house. Here is more details on each of the things: 

New things to Buy:
  • Board and Batten Wall: This is my favorite feature of the room. It will be built on the current white wall and I think I'm going to be doing a total of 12 squares. Paul and I are planning to tackle this project next week and after it's finished I will write up a DIY tutorial for it!  
  • Headboard: I contemplated making my own, but I ended up finding one that was more affordable than most headboards so I decided to just buy one. The one I picked out is actually from Walmart  and I purchased it on Sunday since it was $30 off and thought it would serve as a good motivation to begin this room.  
  • Mattress & Box Spring: This will be the most expensive part of the makeover, but we are hoping to find an affordable option. The mattress that is currently in the bedroom is a full size bed that we used at our apartment and we thought a full size bed was quite small for guests.  We won't be getting rid of the mattress and platform bed frame though because we think it could be the perfect size and height for a child one day. 
  • Bedding: I haven't chose the exact one I want yet. It will definitely be white though and I love the look of comforters with borders. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg on a new comforter and duvet cover so my choice will ultimately come down to one with an affordable price tag.
  • Mirror above bed: I'm either going to make or hopefully find at HomeGods. 
  • Pillows: I will be sewing my own pillows for this space. I don't know which blue fabric I will be using, but the front pillow will be made from the Shumacher Camberwell Vase fabric that I already own and the Oyster Courtyard fabric from Tonic Living.
  • Rug: The one I have listed is from RugsUSA , however if I end up putting a rug in this space than it will probably be down the road. I love the look of adding a rug, but between buying a new mattress, boxspring, and headboard this will probably have to wait. 
Already Own:
  • Mirror above dresser: Currently own  this as well. Scored it from HomeGoods last year. 
  • Night Stand and Lamps: I will be stealing these from my master bedroom since I already have other night stands for our bedroom and the lamps are currently too short next to our headboard.
  • Dresser: I will be stealing this as well from our master bedroom since we are getting a new dresser soon. The dresser is not the one actually shown, but rather one that I used as a child and painted white this past summer. 
So how long is this makeover going to take? Good question! It will all come down to when we find an affordable mattress and box spring. The room is already painted, and we are tackling the paneled wall next week, so after that it will just come down to putting everything together. I'm hoping I will have a reveal of this room sometime in early May though! 

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  1. Can't wait to see how it all comes together!!!

  2. This looks amazing! I'm not kidding when I say that I want our Master to look exactly like this! We have those side tables and I bought a large gold mirror a few months ago. When you're finished with your guest room can you just come over and finish our Master?! LOL! ;)

    1. Thank you, Marie, I'm glad you like it!!:) This would make for a gorgeous master bedroom as well! I'll do your master if you board and batten my front entry for me! lol:)

  3. Megan - I love your vision! This is exactly what I want for one of my guest rooms in the house I'm building. I think I'm going to try a DIY upholstered headboard, only because I have an old headboard that needs updating and I'm trying to save money for other furniture. Thank you for the great idea board!

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