March 23, 2015

Rug Ideas and Guidelines

Happy Monday everyone! Our family room is slowly but surely coming along nicely, and the next thing on the list to tackle is finding a rug. Originally I wasn't planning on adding a rug in our family room, but the walls, sectional, carpet, and coffee table are similar colors so I thought the space needed one in order to not only add a different color and pattern but to also help anchor the room. Paul was also completely against the idea too but I slowly was able to talk him into letting me get one!  That said, since I'm in the process of shopping for a rug I thought today I would share some affordable rug options that I have come across while shopping along with different guidelines to follow when purchasing a rug for a space.  

I would by no means consider myself a rug expert, especially seeing as I currently don't even own an area rug, but there are several guidelines that I have learned over the years that I think are important to at least consider when purchasing a rug. 

1. Before shopping for a rug consider the sitting space of your room: A rug helps to anchor the room together so it's important to know what size rug you will need to purchase. If you buy too small of a rug then this can defeat the purpose of pulling the room together and can unintentionally divide the room up. 
A rug should anchor the room together, it should not just anchor the coffee table.  

The rug in this living room does a perfect job of pulling the room together. 

2. Consider the other prints that are used in the space. If you are using a rug with an all over repeat pattern, then chances are you should be absolutely fine. If you are thinking to use a rug that is very busy, make sure to consider the other prints used in the room in order to create balance. If there are too many large busy prints within a space it can be overwhelming.  If you are going to use  a very busy rug,  just use more toned down prints elsewhere in the room. 

3. Legs on or legs off, is a question that I think everyone has their own opinion on. That said, although I personally prefer the look of at least all of the front legs on the rug, I think it's most important to just be consistent.  Consistency helps to create a more streamlined and put together looking room. That said some of these combinations could be front legs on and back legs off, all legs on, no legs on, or couch and coffee table legs on and accent chair legs completely off. Whatever you choose to do, just try to be consistent!

4. Have a rug you want to use in a space but it's too small? You can still use that rug, but just layer it with an appropriate sized rug underneath. This style is a great way of bringing different patterns and textures into a room. 
The jute rug layered with the zebra rug not only anchors the room but it also creates a cozy but fun space at the same time. 

5. There should be about at least 6 inches of rug that extends beyond the sides of a couch or sectional. If the the rug doesn't extend a little bit wider than the couch, then it can make the room look more narrow. 

6. Try to have the rug go the same orientation as the room. If the room is longer than wider, than have the rug run the length of the room. If the room is wider than longer, than have the rug run the width of the room. 

7. If you are putting a rug in a family room where it will get a lot of traffic or possible spills on it, than you might want to consider an indoor outdoor rug. This might save you a lot of headaches and $$$ down the road. 

Now after you have considered these guidelines begins the fun part, shopping! Below I have listed out some  more affordable rug options that I have come across while rug shopping! All of the rugs that I have listed are neutral, but many of them come in different colors. 

1  / 2 / 3 / 4 / 56 / 7 / 8 9 

So which one is your favorite? I'd also love to hear in the comments section below what your opinion is on whether furniture legs should be on or off the rug! 

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