July 28, 2015

My Master Suite Retreat

  Last summer after Paul and I got married, we honeymooned to Maui and stayed in a studio condo that had the most beautiful lanai that overlooked the ocean. We were probably in one of the most beautiful places in the world, but funny enough, one of our favorite things we did while on the honeymoon was just stay in bed and watch HGTV since we didn’t have the amenities like cable or an inviting bedroom at home to do that. At that point, we were living in a tiny one-bedroom apartment that was filled with a bunch of mix-matched furniture that we both had accumulated over our college years, and frankly, it just wasn’t a space that either of us enjoyed spending a lot of time in. That said, after spending 12 days in this studio condo in Maui, we both agreed that we wanted to create a similar retreat type feel in the master bedroom of our future together home because of how much we enjoyed  the one on our honeymoon, but of course minus the lanai, ocean view and Maui sunset, or at least for now (A girl can dreamJ). Fast-forward to almost a year later, and we now have our together home and a master bedroom that we love. Come check it out and see the latest additions to the space, including a new beautiful accessory from Jonathan Louis, and how I make our master suite feel like a retreat!

The master bedroom is truly one of the most important rooms in the house, and it's a space you should truly love! After all it’s where you start and end your day, spend quality time with your spouse, relax and unwind, read books and magazines, and where you spend about a third of your life due to sleeping and therefore, it's a space that everyone deserves to make a priority. As young newlywed professionals owning their first home, I can say from experience that life can be very stressful and busy at times juggling all these new roles. At least in my own experience as a newlywed, it’s been very important that we have this master bedroom that serves as a refuge from all the stresses that come with work, owning a house, and life in general. It’s our one outlet in our house where we like to unwind after a long day, relax, watch TV together, including, of course, our HGTV on Sunday mornings, and overall it’s our own personal peaceful haven to spend quality time together. 

 Within our master bedroom I wanted the space to be peaceful and comfortable, as well as feel like a luxurious hotel room. I chose to stick with a more neutral color scheme to keep things fresh but cozy so I stuck mainly with the color palette of white, gray, and light turquoise. To give the bed that resort type feel, I made sure to add plenty of pillows. If you follow me on, Instagram, then you most likely know by now that I love pillows!! In a bedroom, I don’t think you can ever have too many! They are great to look at, sleep on, and bring an overall sense of comfort to the room. I recently added the front three lumbar pillows to add more color and textures. 

In my opinion, no master bedroom retreat could be complete without a full-length mirror. Not only is it helpful when picking your outfit out for the day, but it also helps distribute light within the room and makes the space look larger.  This isn’t a new addition to our room, but I’ve never shared it on my blog so it’s new to all of you.

 I saved my favorite addition to our master bedroom for last, which is this gorgeous storage bench from Jonathan Louis. I mean, check out the tufted fabric and nail head trim.  Isn’t she gorgeous?  When putting together our master bedroom it was important to us that we filled it with high quality classic pieces that would last a long time and that was also stylish and affordable. There is extra floor space in front of the window in our room that I think was basically meant to fit a bench, so when I came across this gorgeous Jonathan Louis Victoria bench, I knew it would be an amazing accessory to add to our suite since it had all of the qualities that I desired. This specific bench can be purchased from Macy’s, but Jonathan Louis offers an array of different furniture pieces including sectionals, sofas, armchairs , headboards and more that can be found at Macy’s, Living Spaces, ZGallerie and other local furniture stores nationwide (To find a dealer by you, you can click here). 

When purchasing furniture online, it's easy to be scared that the piece of furniture won't appear the same in person as it does online. I have this fear, especially when it comes to fabric. That said, before purchasing a piece of furniture I suggest to get a fabric sample to make sure you know exactly what you are getting as well as I love to get them in order to plan out the room's design. Fortunately Jonathan Louis, the manufacturer of the bench, allows you to browse hundreds of swatches online and also allows you to order swatches so that you can see the swatch in person. When my bench arrived, it was exactly what I was expecting and I absolutely love it as a new staple piece in the room. 

 To create ambience in the master bedroom as well as accessorize my new piece of furniture, I like to use candles and fresh flowers from our garden. I also love to use lamps, especially with dimmers, to set help set the mood. Trust me, brighter lights is not always better in the bedroom. 

Lastly, in order to maintain your master suite feeling like a retreat, it's vital to keep it clean! I will tell you from experience that starting your day by waking up to a tidy, clean and uncluttered room is so amazing compared to the alternative. No one wants to look a clutter when they are trying to relax! That said, I love the fact that my new bench gives us extra storage in our room and helps put things out of site and out of mind. The benches multi-functionality makes me love it even more! 

What do you think of our master suite and it's new additions? I'd love to hear in the comment section below! 

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Jonathan Louis but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. love the additions you've made! it looks great!!

  2. Where did you get your floor mirror?

    1. Hi Ladies, my husband bought it from HomeGoods as a gift when were dating.