November 19, 2014

2 Month Update

These last two months since we’ve moved into the house have been nothing less than crazy. Between moving across state, unpacking ungodly amounts of boxes, working, traveling for work, starting home improvement projects, suffering from projects gone bad (more on that later), and having the normal life stressors added on top of that, I must say it’s been an awfully stressful BUT rewarding two months. It’s been most rewarding in that in these last two months we have made enough changes that our house has finally started to feel like it’s ours.  Obviously it’s been ours since we signed all of the paperwork at closing, but when we moved in it felt like we were living in someone else’s house. The people before us had 5 young children, which meant not only were we moving into a house where a lot of memories were made, but also moving into a house that every wall (at child height level) had some sort of crayon mark, small handprint, dirt or dent on it.  In addition, they also had every single wall in the house, besides 3 girl bedrooms, painted the same exact latte brown color. Don't get me wrong, the house was in beautiful condition despite the few "character marks", and I even like the latte brown color in moderation. A house is a reflection of those who live in it, however, and therefore the house wasn't going to feel like it was ours until we started making it our own. The easiest way, in my opinion, to do that is by painting! The power of paint is truly unbelievable! It not only can transform a room, but it also has a vital role when it comes to design.  Paint sets the mood and feel of a room and the furniture and decor follow it's lead. That said, our efforts in the last two months have heavily consisted of getting new paint on the walls! It was important for me to get the walls painted in the rooms before moving forward with any design decisions (hence the lack of decor and furniture in some of the photos seen below). Also, I must mention that the progress that we have made in these past two months, however, could of not happened without the very generous help of my father-in-law. He is the man behind all of these beautifully painted walls, and we are beyond grateful for all the help that he has been in this transformation of our house! I will have a blog post later geared specifically to how I chose the paint colors and more in depth overviews of each of the rooms and what I plan to do with them, but for now I will just show you brief overview pictures of where we are at!

My Office
The first room in the house that got a face lift was my office! Paul and my father-in-law painted the room while I was gone for a 12 day work trip! What a great surprise that was to come home to! Also, the paint color is Sherwin Williams' Sea Salt which is a gorgeous light blue/green with gray undertones. 

Laundry Closet
Here is our beautiful new laundry closet. The paint color we used here was On the Rocks by Sherwin Williams. The house didn't come with a washer or dryer so our first project was to finish this space so that we could have clean clothes! It's the only room in the house that I can officially say is finished. Earlier I had mentioned suffering from a project gone bad. This was that project. While Paul was installing one of the cabinet doors, as he stepped off the chair he was standing on, the chair fell over and broke my big toe. If you have never stubbed or injured your toe, let me tell you, it is one of the most painful things ever!! It crushed the nail bed so bad that I had to have surgery on it and had to wear an orthopedic boot for 6 weeks. This Friday I get it off!! More details on how we created the shelves will be in a blog post soon! 

The Master
 In the Master we went with a darker taupe/gray color called agreeable gray by Sherwin Williams. I love the color but I love the new bed even more! The headboard is 5 ft 5" tall, and is AH-MAH-ZING! It was love at first site. Still not sure how I got Paul onboard with this purchase:) The pillows and toss blanket are ones that I already owned, so they will be here for awhile while I figure out what I want to do with fabrics, art work, and all of that fun stuff.

 Master Bathroom
 That master bathroom also got a coat of the lovely sea salt paint color. We also got all new hardware and lighting for this room, which also made a large difference! More details on that in a future post.

Living Room
The largest transformation thus far, has to definitely be the new paint in the living room and hallways. My father-in-law so graciously painted all of this room too.  

Note: if you have a wall decal that you want to paint over, make sure to remove it prior to painting. If you leave it on the wall, chances are you will be able to see it through the paint. Luckily they are really easy to remove. 

Proof that I wasn't over exaggerating when I said all of the walls where covered with dents. Thank God for spackling compounds! 

Old color on the left, new color on the right! 

Here is a picture right after the room was done! I was literally jumping up and down. It's absolutely gorgeous and completely transformed the feeling of the room. 

Here is another photo that better shows the true color of the wall. It's Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams and it has the perfect amount of lightness and gray undertones that we were looking for. It's definitely more of a taupe than a beige. We bought a new sectional that comes in 4 more weeks, so until then this will be sitting empty!


We have not painted the kitchen yet, but we plan to in the near future. The only thing that has changed is that we got a new dishwasher! When we moved in the current dishwasher barely worked, so as a house warming gift my parents got us this new beauty! It's been so nice having a dishwasher that is competent and does it's job right!

Guest bedroom
As you can clearly see, the walls in this room have not been painted yet! We lived in this room for almost 6 weeks while our Master Bedroom was getting finished up and while we waited for the delivery of our new bed. Now that we have cleared this room, I'm officially taking on this room as my project. I have a lot of fun plans for this room!

This weekend, I took the first steps of transforming this room. That is, I painted the trim with a fresh coat of white paint. I prefer to paint the trim before the walls, because that way I can paint over any white paint that I might of gotten on the walls during this step. 

The Basement
Here we have our workout corner AKA a solo elliptical! This is not just any elliptical, but rather has been keeping me fit since I was an early teen. I was the person in my family that used this most often, so when my parents moved to Oregon a year ago and they didn't have room in the moving truck to move it, they gave it to me. For the last year, it's been stored at my brother-in-law's house, so once we got a house, I was SO excited to get it here! 

We have not painted or made any changes to the basement and nor will we for a LONG time. Right now it's the only sitting area in our house because the living room upstairs is empty as we wait for our new couch to arrive. This furniture used to be our living room furniture in our old apartment, but makes beautiful basement furniture in this house!

Also, I have not begun decorating this area either. This is just stuff that I already owned and threw on a couch!

So there you have it! This is a longer blog post than I will usually write, but at least you have a better idea of where we are at! From here on out I will predominately talk about one project or space at a time, with other random things in between! Let know what you think in the comments below, find me on Facebook, and see what I'm up to via Instagram!


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