November 17, 2014

The Before

Welcome to It’s A Grandville Life, I’m Megan LaMacchia! In the last 6 months I’ve graduated from the University of Michigan, started a full time job, got married to a handsome man named Paul, and less than 3 months into our marriage we moved across state from Ann Arbor to Grandville, Michigan and bought our first house.  I don’t advise anyone to take on this many stressful events in such a short time period, but I must admit I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I’m a believer that everything happens for a reason, and I couldn’t be happier where all these events have lead me to, including beginning this blog. These past 6 months have been filled with one milestone after another, and now I’m ready for that milestone train to take an immediate halt (because of course that next milestone is having babies, and although Mr. L and I can’t wait to have a family one day, we are not ready to take that on anytime soon). Instead, I want life to S L O W down.  I want time to appreciate life, this new marriage, this new house and being the best wife, employee, and homeowner I can be. Being all of those things doesn't just happen. Rather it takes a whole lot of work and TLC.  That’s where It’s a Grandville Life comes into the picture. When I decided to write this blog it was just as much for myself as it was for others. I wanted to document this special time in our life and all of the projects we had taken on, while also wanting to inspire others.  Also, with my family living across the country in Oregon I thought them along with others might like to check in occasionally and see what Mr. L and I are up to. On this blog I will touch base on everything and anything including our house transformation, DIY projects, beauty, fashion, home design, cooking,  Friday's favorites, and everything in between. For the remainder of this blog post, however, I will talk about our house, because, well, it's new and exciting and when I do talk about our house transformation it's important for you all to see the before pictures.  That said, without further adieu here are the before photos of our house which are images from when the old homeowners lived here and some images from when we first took possession.

Here is a picture of our house! I must admit, it was a very exciting and proud day when we got this house. I never thought I'd be 22 and married, let alone buying a house!

Family Room
Here is the living room. One of the things that immediately made me like this house was the Cathedral ceilings. I love a bright house with a lot of natural sunlight, but then again who doesn't?  
Here is another view of the living room and entryway! Also, check out that fireplace that has so much potential:)

The Kitchen 
Here is the kitchen. As you will see in the next picture, this kitchen has some SERIOUS space to work with/ play with/ cook in/ eat in. Before we bought the house, I must admit, hubby and I spent many of hours in Home Depot dreaming about and planning out what we will one day do with this space.
 And there you can see even more space, which will give us plenty of room to one day add an island and make the cabinets in an "L" shape rather than it's current "U" Shape.

The Deck 
Here is the deck that's right off of the kitchen! We can't wait to have some BBQ parties here some day!

The Master Bedroom

I can't wait to show you  all the changes that we've already made to this space, and the headboard Paul let me buy!

The Master Bathroom 
                                                                  Bedroom #2 

This room is going to be our guest bedroom, so that said, I love the color pink but it's got to go! 

Guest Bathroom 

Bedroom #3
Look at the ceiling and window in this room! Take a guess at which room I turned into my home office:) 


Bedroom #4

Bedroom #5

Hallway in the basement that leads to an unfinished Bathroom #3, and yes, I've already started thinking about the floor tiles and color scheme that I will one day want to use in there. 

So there you have it, the before pictures of the house! I can't wait to show you all in the next blog post what we have done in the last two months to start making it our own. 


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