November 26, 2014

How to Hang Z Gallerie Naples Bowls

Progress has been made and we have finally gotten around to hanging our first piece of wall art, the beloved Z Gallerie Naples Bowls! Since these are tricky to hang, I also included instructions on how to hang the naples bowl!

Before showing you how we hung them and all the pretty pictures of them, I first will let you know where the inspiration came from. When I saw this image from Houzz, it was instantly love at first site. They add great texture to a wall while adding an organic feel since they are made of white willow branches! Before even buying our house, I knew I had to have them. That said, I asked for a pair of these as a wedding gift from my sister and her now husband and they were generous enough to get them for us!   
Source: Houzz
The Naples Bowls from Z Gallerie are actually designed as decorative bowls to sit on a coffee table or other surfaces in your house. After seeing the photo from Houzz, I,along with many other people, have been inspired to hang them on the walls. 
Source: Z Gallerie
Since these are designed as bowls and not wall art, they do not come with supplies to hang them on the walls. That said, that makes them tricky to hang. In order for you to hang them, you have to purchase your own wire hanger. At first, we tried fishing lure because it was clear but we thought it wouldn't be very secure and we didn't want to risk them falling. That said, we ended up using OOK picture wire and I bought it from Michaels.  In order to keep the wire from showing, we chose areas to loop the wire around where you wouldn't be able to see it from the front. Since the naples bowls are layered twigs stapled together, finding areas to hide the wires isn't too hard. I then used needle nose pliers to twist the wire around about 4 times, and I then cut the access wire with wire cutters. 

We hung the naples bowls like you would a picture, and therefore gave enough extra wire so that you can create a hanging bowed loop (not sure what it's really called, but you can see what I'm saying in the picture below!)
Since we were hanging two of these Naples Bowls, we had to make sure that each of the looped hangers were the same size. That way they will hang at the same height. We made the peak of the looped hanger 6 inches from the top. 

Now to the hanging part!After seeing the Houzz photo, I originally wanted to hang these bowls over our bed before we bought the house. After moving in, however, I knew exactly where I wanted them, over the stairs to the basement! Now, I'm showing you this picture of how we hung the to clear up any questions people may have on how we did it, but I DON'T advise ANYONE to do what we did. It was dangerous. Paul stood on the ledge and used the ladder to put his left foot on as he hammered the nail in the wall and hung the bowls like you would any other picture. I don't have a picture of that because I was busy holding onto the ladder and keeping my husband as safe as possible. Still can't believe he put his life in potential risk to hang wall art for me:) At least, we both concluded it was worth it! (Yes, that might be a stupid thing to say, but after all we are young and determined to have a beautiful house so sometimes things like this are going to happen).

Here are photos of how it turned out. I absolutely love them! Even better, the husband loves them too! 

So excited to have gotten these Naples Bowls on the wall, and am excited to hang other wall art in the house soon! Let know what you think in the comments below, find me on Facebook, and see what I'm up to via Instagram! If you hang your own Naples Bowls, I'd love to see how you hang them! 


  1. Love these! Do you still have them?

  2. Do you still have these bowls from Z Galleries?

  3. Do you still have these bowls from Z Galleries?

  4. Are you getting anymore naple bowls in ?

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