December 11, 2014

Family Room Design Board

Since we moved into our house, I have been in the process of coming up with a design board for our family room, which has been both a fun but daunting task. Within the last three months I have probably created 30+ designs on my computer due to the fact that I'm a somewhat perfectionist but also am a very indecisive person at times, so it hasn't been until recently that I feel like I'm officially set on a design plan!

The family room is the most used room in our house, so when coming up with a design plan it was important that the design was both practical but also a design that we both liked. Paul's only requests for this room was that it was comfortable and did not have much gold accents, which was something that I could easily do. Here is the design that I'm finally set on: 

As you can tell in the design board, I love a mixture of neutrals with accents of blues and greens. Blue is my favorite color, and you will most likely see this color in many other rooms in our house going forward. 

Here's what's included in the design board: 
Curtains: I chose to go with white curtains because I wanted a nice balance between whites and darks in this room. Most of the accent tables will be dark brown wood or metal, so I wanted to balance things out with white which will be from the curtains and mantel. These curtains have already been hung, and you can read about them in this blog post

Chairs: The two tan chairs in the design, we already own from Value City. We bought them off of craigslist two years ago for $50 each!  Ideally, I wouldn't like my chairs and couch to match, but I plan on draping a throw blanket over the back of them to give them more color so that they don't match as much. 

Clock: This Herman Miller clock will be a large focus point in the room, and is probably my favorite part of the design. I love clocks, and this is a 49" metal clock that will hang on our large wall across from the mantel. It's pricey though, so I'm guessing I will eventually get this as gift from my husband, or so I'm hoping:)

Coffee Table: Shown is the Restoration Hardware Balustrade coffee table that we can't afford, so we are building our own. We bought the wood a few weeks back, and the building part of it keeps getting pushed back. We're hoping to make a lot of progress on it this weekend!

Sectional: The sectional arrived this past Monday! In the picture it looks yellow tan, however, the true color is a tad bit darker then the chairs in the picture. We decided to go with a sectional because it fit the shape of the room very well, and since it was a family room we wanted something that was comfortable. We haven't even owned it a week and we already fight about who gets the corner! ha

End Table: Since we already have a lot of dark wood in the room, I wanted a side table that went with everything else, but wasn't wood. This end table is metal on bottom and glass on top, and I love the legs on it! It also costs under $100.00 which aligned with how much we wanted to spend, so once it comes back in stock I'll probably pull the trigger and purchase it. 

Glass Lamp on side table is from Pier 1. I have a gift card to there and love the lamp, but lamps are something that I usually change my mind on so I can't make any promises on this one. 

Garden stool: There isn't enough space for an end table on one of the sides of the sectional so I decided to put a garden stool there instead. It was another great way to incorporate white and texture  in the room.  I purchased it a month ago when it was on ridiculous sale and with a gift card I still had from our wedding.

Floating Shelves: We will building the floating shelves ourselves, and they will be to the right of our window. I'm thinking we will build three shelves, and we will use the same stain that we use on the coffee table. 

Console table: I purchased this the first day we lived in the house (yes, I know, I have messed up priorities). It was a $200 table that  I got  at Marshall's on clearance for $50!

Mirror: The mirror shown is the Pottery Barn Eagan Multipanel mirror which costs $699. I love the mirror but can't afford the price so I will also be making this mirror. There are a lot of great tutorials on this mirror, so I'm excited to tackle this project and share it with you all!

Blue recycled glass vase: These will be used in several different areas in the room because simply put, I love them! The one on the console table I plan on putting pussy willow branches in it. 

Painting: I love the idea of having a canvas print from a local artist. There is a place locally that sells prints for an affordable price, so I hope to include something like shown in the design plan. I like art that has some sentiment, so living in Michigan and have spent much time at the Great Lakes, I would like a piece of art of one of the lakes. It will also be a great way to add some color in the room!

Lastly, the fabrics! Fabrics was the hardest thing for me to come up with. I had so many that I liked, that it was hard to narrow them down. I ultimately chose three fabrics that I loved and then will be alternating a fourth fabric in the room depending on the season.
Top  Left : Blue velvet fabric - I already picked up two pillows from Homegoods with a blue velvet fabric.
Top Right: Portfolio Bansuri Slate - this will be the alternating fabric. I like this for the winter months, and our walls appear grayish at times, so I like how this incorporates both bronze and gray. I will be sewing this pillow.  
 Bottom Left: Belize Taupe - I love this fabric! The swatch shown does not do it justice.
Bottom Right: Thom Filicia Citysquares in Mistymorn - This will be on lumbar pillows on the chair. 

The couch arrived this week, and the Belize taupe and Citysquares fabric has been ordered so progress has already been made on this design board.  I just hope my mind doesn't change on anything anytime soon!

I hope you like my design! Also, I love people's input on things like this so let me know what you think in the comment section below, find me on Facebook, and see what I'm up to via Instagram


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