September 15, 2015

Narrow Front Entryway Ideas

 Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you be all had a wonderful weekend. It's fall time which means watching football consistently on weekends has officially began (for reference my team is the Michigan Wolverines - Go Blue!) and while watching other games this weekend  I was able to catch up on some overdue blog posts, so this week I will be sharing several posts with you all. I'm not sure what I'm more excited about, the fact that my team won this weekend or that I  caught up on this blog of mine:)  

Enough about football, let's talk about the fun stuff and the reason you are all here. Today I'm talking all about entryway ideas, especially narrow ones. The importance of an entryway is often times overlooked, but this area sets the tone of the rest of the house so it shouldn't be forgotten.  When you have a large entryway it's easier to make the it its own space, but when its narrow it can be more challenging. Regardless of the size of the front foyer, it still deserves some love.

The inspiration for this post comes from my own hunt in getting ideas for our entryway. As you can see in the photo below, our entryway is rather small and narrow. That said, I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration and as always it didn't leave me disappointed. I've began working on the space already, which I will share later this week, but for now I will share 8 of my favorite inspiration photos for narrow entryways. 


Which one is your favorite? It's so hard for me to pick! I'd love to hear yours in the comment section below. 

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