December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Recap

This years Thanksgiving was extra special to me for a number of reasons.  It was the first Thanksgiving in several years that I spent with my family, the first Thanksgiving with my family married to Paul, it was the first time I got to do a table setting, and since it was my first Thanksgiving in years with my family I was able to learn the family recipes . Unfortunately I was not that interested about family recipes growing up and,  therefore, I never really seemed to pay attention to my mom's cooking.  Now that I'm married and feel the need to know how to cook  and carry on the family traditions I'm trying to make up for all those lost times and hoard all of those recipes ASAP. That said, this year my mom did all of the cooking while I took notes and I got the fun part of being responsible of tablescaping! 

Didn't it turn out pretty!? Not trying to toot my own horn too much but I was very happy with how it all turned out and was glad it was worth all the effort.  I'm only showing you all the pretty end product photos, but in order to set this up it took lots of planning and travel storage containers on my part. Although Thanksgiving was at my parents Michigan house, everything you see is moi's that I had to haul over an hour in 5 different storage bins. This is my parent's second house that they got so they could  be by me/ attend Michigan football games  in the fall so they have very little there and therefore I was more than happy to finally put to use all of my wedding china and serving-ware. As I drove my jeep full of these breakables it was the first time that I felt like an interior designer/stylist so not going to lie it felt pretty cool! Good news, nothing broke to or from my clients' parents house!

For the table scape I  stuck to a more neutral theme. For the table setting  I used charger plates and napkins from World Market and used leftover eucalyptus branches that I used in the centerpiece, and the name tags I made from tags  and rope that I picked up from the Target dollar section. It was inexpensive but made it more unique and personalized! 

Here is a picture of the most impart part- the meal! My mom did a wonderful job making all the food, it was delicious!  I forgot how much I missed my mom's homeade gravy, yum!! I didn't help much with any of this except for taking notes while cooking  and supplying the serving-ware! Much of this serving-ware was an early wedding gift from my mom so it was special using it in our joint hostess thanksgiving dinner! 

Now for dessert, my mom made a homemade pumpkin pie! My mom is a great baker, and fortunately unlike cooking I have been passed down those genes/recipes (or so I like to think)! 

After the plates were cleared, the table still looked pretty so I couldn't help but take another picture.I  finished the night by playing  Rook for several hours with my dad, brother and husband which was really fun for me because I haven't played in years. It probably also helped that my Dad and I won!:) 

Overall, Thanksgiving was one for the books this year. Today my parents got in the car and are headed back to Oregon for the remaining of the year, so although I won't see them for Christmas it was great spending this holiday with them and I look forward to Christmas with the in-laws! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

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