March 7, 2016

New Kitchen Sink and Faucet

You guys!! I'm so excited to being sharing with you the latest addition to our house, a new kitchen sink and faucet! I know I'm always saying how excited I am about new things around our house, but this one has me especially excited which wasn't always the case. 

When my husband originally told me that we had to get a new sink for for the new countertops I felt meh, or more like mah-hah thanks to the Amanda Show.   I mean I was somewhat excited,  mainly because I like anything that is shiny and new, but I was by no means doing my happy excited dance like I was with removing the green laminate or that new shiplap wall. The countertops, wall and sink were all completed when I was in OR for work the other week, so when I got home to all three new things, to my surprise I was most excited about the new sink! 

I'm kind of embarrassed to show you all the before photos now that I realize how bad it was, but in case you forgot what it looked like originally, here you go: 

We had always planned on replacing the faucet with this Delta Trask, in fact we've owned it for over a year in anticipation, but the sink was an unexpected delight. I didn't realize I could love a sink so much! When I first saw it, I ran over to it and spread my arms over it and essentially gave it a hug. I know, seems dramatic, but look at the difference!! It just makes me so happy. 

The sink that we went with is the Karran U-3018 under mount single sink and it was attached to the laminate and installed by a local design interiors company, DeGraaf. Although the under mount option was a little more expensive, I think it was totally worth it because it's what makes it so sleek and clean looking. Our old sink was a double sink, but we decided to go with a single sink and I love that we did. It makes cleaning large dishes so much easier. I also think the single sink may come in handy one day when there is a baby in it. Let's not too ahead of ourselves right now though;)

Don't mind the patchy drywall, it's the aftermath of the torn out laminate backsplash and is waiting for the new backsplash to be installed, which has officially been ordered this weekend! 

As for the faucet, I'm so glad we went with this one. We had the option to have a second hole drilled for a soap dispenser, but I wanted it clean and simple so we decided to just have one hole drilled for the faucet. Before, the spray head was located right to the faucet but now it's attached to the tip of the faucet which I LOVE. It makes cleaning the sink so much easier. Plus, it actually functions which is an added bonus. Our old one had a hole in the center of it, so it would spray water randomly and therefore we had to tape it up. It was anything but clean and simple. 

So what do you think? Can you tell why I was so excited about this latest addition!! If not, I'm just going to leave you with these before an afters. I can't believe how much better this space is already looking!!  

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  1. WOW! What a transformation so far! Everything looks great and I'm loooooving that over-the-sink light fixture. This is so fun watching your kitchen come together!

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