April 28, 2016

Easy DIY Custom Art Prints

If you stopped by my living room spring tour that I posted two weeks ago, you may have noticed the new wall art that we hung. What used to be here was the first piece of artwork that Paul and I bought for our apartment a few years back on clearance at Home Goods, and although I still like the piece and it is sentimental,  it just doesn't really go well in the space. That said, when I decided to change it up a few months back I knew I wanted to use the same gallery frames that are in our hallway and I wanted art prints that had blue in green in them that looked abstract. I searched all over on Etsy and other places to find art prints, but I had no luck finding any 8x10 prints that I liked that would fit in the frames. So like every other time when I can't find exactly what I want, I decided to customize my own! 

At first I contemplated completely DIYing them and trying to paint watercolor prints myself, but who was I kidding I'm by no means an artist. I mean, I do have "abstract" art in my house that I have painted by just randomly putting paint on a canvas but actually trying to watercolor a specific scene was out of the question. That said, when I came across this art print online(which might also look familiar from my bedroom) I came up with the idea of using a large art print to create customized smaller prints!

Now this is by no means a mind blowing DIY project idea, however it goes to show how you can take something and customize to fit your design needs.

Here is the art print that I decided to use to create my customized smaller art prints and for reference I used the 32" x 24" size. It had the colors and the abstract look I was looking for so I thought it fit the design of my room perfectly. 

Next, I used the mats from my gallery fames to play around with what part of the art print wanted to frame. 

Once I decided what part I wanted to use, I began cutting. 

After I was done cutting, I put them into the frames and kept them in place by securing them with some painters tape. Here is the finished product! The large art print cost about $30, so each smaller art print essentially cost $15 which made these a lot more affordable than similar prints I found online.   

All in all, I must say that I love how it turned out and love how it brings the color green more in the room. I have rounded up similar art prints that could create a similar look as well!


  1. Pretty, and what a good idea. I just came across your blog, and am in Grandville, too .:)

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