November 9, 2015

Master Bedroom Detailed Source List

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Late last week I got home from Phoenix, AZ where I was for a week for work. It was quite exciting for me in that it was the first national trade show that I coordinated and attended, but come Thursday I was so eager to get home.   After being away for a week, my appreciation for our bedroom was at an all time high.  I slept miserable while I was away and was reminded that nothing compares to the comfort and security of your own bedroom and bed.  In light of being so appreciative our bedroom this week, I thought I would share a in depth source lists as well as answer frequently asked questions that I get on  Instagram!

Let's start with the most important part of the bedroom, the bed/headboard! The most asked question that I get is "where is the headboard from". Surprisingly, it's from Value City Furniture.  I say surprisingly, because I never associated VCF as having trendy and quality furniture. The price tag on it was much more reasonable than other comparable beds that I found, so when I came across it I knew it was the one. 

Sunburst Mirror: Target
Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray 

 I have been asked many questions about my pillows, one including "Do you sleep with all of these pillows on your bed at night?" As wasteful and non-functional as this sounds,  I call them decor pillows for reason. They are purely decorative and do nothing else but sit and look pretty - except for the occasional nap I take during the day when I don't want to unmake the bed. In fact, the pillows that I use at night you can't even see. The two pillows we sleep on are laying flat on the bed under the euro pillows, and my body pillow is stored in our storage ottoman during the day. You can also put your sleeping pillows behind the euro pillows, but I put them underneath them so that they prop the euro pillows higher. 

I often also get asked about my pillow inserts. I predominately use down alternative inserts because I love how they don't look stiff and they are very comfortable for those occasional times that I like to lay on them. I have provided the source list for the inserts below. 

Pillow Sources: 
Euro Pillow Insert: Ikea
White Shams: Hautelook 2 years back
White Sham Insert: Costco
Blue lumbar pillow covers: Sewn by yours truly using my sewing tutorial 
Front Lumbar pillow: West elm (last season) 

The ottoman is from Jonathan Louis and helps me hide away or hold all my pillows. At night I place all my decor pillows on top of it and as I already mentioned during the day my body pillow sleeps in it. You know you have a a pillow addiction when you have a storage ottoman used exclusively to store and organize them:)

Ottoman Bench: Macy's
Mirror Tray: HomeGoods 
XO Art Prints: Sarah Swanson $10 Art
Wall Frames: HomeGoods 

The comforter and duvet cover that I have on the bed was bought using gift cards that we got for our wedding.  Together they cost more than a lot of comforters, but we figured you spend half your life in bed so it was really important to my husband and I that we invested in pieces that would last and was also really cozy. Times when I'm sleeping away from home, my comforter is the thing I probably miss most because it's that cozy. 

I get asked if I make the bed regularly, and yes I do. It makes me feel productive even if I don't accomplish anything else in the home in a given day. 

Duvet Cover: Macy's
Comforter: Macy's 
End of bed blanket: HomeGoods 
Sunburst Mirror: Target

The dresser in our room is the ever so popular Hemnes dresser from Ikea. The question I receive the most about this is in regards to the glass piece that I have on top of the dresser. My husband picked that up from Ikea the same time we got the dresser. White furniture can scratch easily, so I wanted a glass piece to protect it. I haven't had it for too long, but so far I love the glass piece and the dresser itself. I've been happily surprised by the quality 

Glass Top Piece: Ikea 
Lamp: Ikea (Old)
Wall Art: Target 

The nightstand are a RAST hack they I blogged about a few months back and where you can get all the details on them. So far they are holding up great, but I need to pick up a glass top for them soon similar to the one our dresser. 

Mirror: HomeGoods 
Box on Nightstand: HomeGoods 
Ring Holder: Nambe Ring Holder

The lamps also happen to be a wedding gift and they are from Macy's.  Ideally, I would have lamps that were more proportionate in size to the height of our headboard but I registered for the lamps before deciding on the headboard so these will have to do for awhile. 

Lamp: Macys
Clock: HomeGoods 

I think I tagged most sources and answered the popular questions I get often about the space, but if not, please ask away in the comment section below and I will be more than happy to answer it. 

Want to stay up to date with more of my home decor, DIY, lifestyle and other posts?  Then follow me along on any of the following so you won't miss out:) 


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