October 27, 2015

Weekend Recap & Projects on the Horizon

I know it's Tuesday but I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and start to your week yesterday! This was our first free weekend this fall which was very refreshing! It allowed us to have a real date night and we also got some things started around the house that have been put on hold for awhile. The most exciting thing that we did was that we finally picked out the tile for our entryway makeover!! This was my first experience tile shopping and I hope it's the last one for awhile. Just like anything else in design, the color of something looks a lot different in store than it does in your house so we had to do a lot of buying of tile, bringing home to try out, returning of tile, and repeat. By round 4 I was pretty exhausted and was ready to just make a decision, despite maybe not loving it.  Luckily on our last attempt to find some tile at Menards, we came across a tile that ended up looking great in our foyer. Originally I did not want the tile to have the faux wood plank look, but I loved how subtle it was in the tile that we chose. This baby is getting installed this upcoming Sunday by my husband and his father while I'm away in Phoenix for work, so I can't wait to come home and see it, as well as, put a check mark next to this item on the house to-do list. 

In addition to working on our front entryway, we have also begun making plans on building a mudroom type area in our garage. Anytime we decide to do a project, I always create a visual first, whether that be on powerpoint or free handed. I am by no means a great artist, but I think Paul got an overall idea of what I'm thinking for the space. I over estimated the size of the wall in the garage, however, so the mudroom will most likely consist of two cubbies, instead of three. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the black tiles in the drawing are black mats that we picked up from Costco months ago so you can walk from the door to the bench without walking on concrete. We haven't begun the construction of this yet, but plan on having it completed by winter.

I've been craving change in our house lately, especially in my home office, so this past weekend I spontaneously decided to rearrange the furniture so that the desk sits in front of the bookshelves instead of the window. In addition, I also took everything off the shelves and played around with styling the shelves differently. By no means is the space complete, and in the next year I hope to  make this a space I love by adding more layers like artwork,  a chandelier, and rug but for now this small rearrangement has helped my need for some change. 

This weekend I also picked up a couple of things that I'm loving and excited about.  The first thing is this new design book, Styled,  by Emily Henderson.  She is a stylist and the Target home expert spokesperson, and she has a blog that is by far my favorite one that I read. That said, when I saw that she came out with a design book, I had to have it! It hasn't arrived in the mail yet, but I'm hoping it does before Saturday so that I can bring it on my trip. 

If you follow me on Instagram, then you might of seen my post last night regarding these eucalyptus branches that I scored on Sunday for $2.99 from Trader Joe's. It's new to our area, and I've warned my husband that this might become a frequent purchase of mine. Fresh blooms/branches bring me so much happiness, and at $2.99 I don't feel as guilty having them in my home! 

Lastly, Paul and I went to HomeGoods on Saturday and as you can see I couldn't stay clear of the Christmas decor! I know it seems early to be buying Christmas stuff seeing as it's still October and Thanksgiving hasn't occurred yet, but from my experience, once you wait until it seems appropriate to buy Christmas decor, all of the good stuff is gone. That said, I didn't want to risk it so I picked up a pillow and sign that I cant wait to put out! 

We finished up the weekend by making an Italian dinner and watching a movie, which was a great way to end our not-so-hectic weekend. I leave for Phoenix on Saturday first thing for work, so officially October weekends are over for me! How did this month fly by so fast? 

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  1. I loooove that tile! It's going to look great. That sketch is fantastic! What a great idea. We should do something like that in our garage for the kids. We have so.much.stuff! LOL!

    Oh and guuuurl, we were just up in the Grandville area a few weeks ago and we toooootally were at HomeGoods and Trader Joe's! There are sooo many places to shop as compared to where we live. I was in heaven. You're so lucky. The purchases you made are so cute! EEK! I need to go shopping!!! ;)

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