October 16, 2015

DIY Fall Porch Sign and Porch Decor

Happy Friday, everyone! If you follow me on Instagram, then you might of seen some sneak peaks of my new porch decor, but I thought it was about time to share it with you all on my blog! Last fall is when we moved into our house so our porch decor was very minimal and was limited to one single yellow mum. It was underwhelming, to say the least, so this year I wanted it to be really festive. In August, with fall fast approaching, I decided to make a 6 ft. FALL sign, and I love how it turned out! 

This project was one of more easier DIY projects that I have done this year, and it only took several hours to make. I used (2) 1" x 10" x 6', wood glue, and kreg jig screws to connect the two boards together. After the boards were connected I used my orbital sander to make the boards smooth, and afterwards I applied one coat of primer. After the primer dried, I followed up with two coats of Behr Swiss Coffee paint that I had laying around. Once the paint dried, I sketched out the F-A-L-L letters using a ruler and trimmed the letters with painters tape so that the lines could be crisp. I used a foam brush and black acrylic paint to paint the letters and ended up having to do 2 coats. Last step I did was sand the edges of the sign and ran some walnut stain over it to give it a more distressed look.  Pretty easy, right?     

To make the porch look more colorful I surrounded the sign with mums, pumpkins, an apple crate, and some lanterns. This is my first year buying purple mums, and I love how they look! 

So what do you think of my new sign? I think it definitely adds more festivity than last years' single mum! Although I made mine to say "FALL" there are so many other words you could use for a porch sign. Since I used wood glue and kreg jig nails to join the board and there is no bracket on the back,  I'm now able to make a sign on the back side as well .. maybe for Christmas?:) Stay tuned for next seasons' sign! 

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