October 13, 2015

DIY Industrial Shelf

Happy Tuesday! A few weeks ago I blogged about a design board for our front entryway. Within the blogpost, I had mentioned how I wanted to create a DIY industrial shelf for the space and today I'm sharing details all about it.

Our front entryway is very narrow, so I wanted a shelf that didn't take up a lot of space and could be removed if I needed the extra space to move things in and out of the front door. That said, I decided to build an industrial shelf using galvanized pipe fittings because it can easy be removed from the wall, unlike the floating shelves that I built for over our buffet in our kitchen. Plus, it was more affordable and much more easy to hang which made it the easy choice.

To build the shelf I used: 

Building the shelf is pretty straight forward. Secure the floor flanges into studs, and then screw the steel nipple into the floor flange, and then screw on the iron cap at the other end of the steel nipple. Next, cut, sand and stain the piece of wood and place it on top of the pipe fittings. To have the piece of wood sit better on the pipe fittings, we used a rotary tool to carve out small indents on the bottom side of the piece of wood so that it sits on the floor flange more flush. 

You could stop at the step above, but Paul and I were concerned about the possibility of the wood tipping over if someone put pressure on one side of the piece of wood, so to secure the wood in place we added two 3/4" hole straps which as you can see above secures into the bottom piece of wood.  

Ideally, I would of hung the shelf in the middle of the wall, but as you can see, the entryway wall is so narrow that the door wouldn't of been able to open all the way had the shelf been behind it. That said, I hung it to the far left side of the wall, which will look and flow better once we extend the front entryway flooring to the end of wall. 

To decorate the shelf, I hung a mirror above it that I bought a few years back at TJ Maxx as well as on the shelf I used things laying around the house as well as things I picked up from some of my favorite stores (detailed source list at bottom). If you missed out my blog post on my gather chalkboard sign, you can check it out here

So what do you think? I think I love it and it makes me excited to continue working on this space. Next up is redoing and extending the flooring, but I'm still on the hunt to find the tile I want as well as talking my husband into letting us tile it in a herringbone pattern. Wish me luck:) 

Source List: 
Mirror: T.J Maxx 
White Vase: Ikea
Wheat Branches: Michaels
Faux Pumpkin: Michaels 
Candleholders & Candles: World Market 
Chalkboard: Hobby Lobby/ DIY

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  1. Great job! I should do this in Henry's bedroom! Oh and I love how you placed that little pumpkin on the shelf, too. So cute.

  2. What stain did you use on this board? Love the color!!

    1. Minwax special walnut and then followed up with rustoleum driftwood.

  3. Love this! At what height did you hang the shelf?

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  5. What paint color was used on this wall? The entire look is gorgeous!

  6. Hello
    Can you please tell us the brand of the mirror?

  7. What is the outer dimensions of the mirror?

  8. What brand and color is the paint

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