June 2, 2016

How to Stain Deck with Behr Weather Proofing Stain

I hope you all are having a wonderful week! Over the past two weekends we have been really busy getting projects done, and today I’m sharing one of the completed ones: staining our deck. We weren't originally planning on working on our deck this summer, but when I was approached with a fun collaboration opportunity, which I will be sharing next week, we decided to shift some of our projects around and finally stain the deck.  It definitely wasn't one of the more "fun" projects we've done so far, but it definitely has made a difference and was well worth the time, sweat and my farmer's tan. 

Here is what the deck looked like before:

Our home is 11 years old, and I'm pretty sure our deck has never been stained before. It  wasn't in bad shape, but it definitely was looking weathered. 

Staining it was the perfect solution to give it a refreshed look, here's how we did it.

The first thing Paul did was clean off the deck using a power washer. We were told by a person at home depot that power washing can damage the wood, so we put it on the lightest setting.

Next we used Behr’s All-in-one wood cleaner and poured it into a bucket and used 1 part wood 
cleaner to 1 part water. To scrub the deck we used a push broom (or at least I think that's what it's called) 

Action shot of me  dying of heat.  Originally when I started this project I was wearing shorts and sandals, but the directions said to wear protective clothing so I put pants and shoes on. I’m horrible about reading the instructions when it comes to wearing the proper protective equipment, so I was quite proud of myself that I actually changed in this instance. So make sure you do too!!

This is what the deck looked like wet after it was cleaned and I could definitely notice the difference. Once it dried, however, it went back to how it originally looked. You know, gray and weathered, but was a lot cleaner.  

 We cleaned the deck on a Saturday, and let it dry overnight and stained it on a Sunday. The stain that we decided on was Behr’s Semi-transparent weatherproofing stain and sealer in one. I knew I wanted semi-transparent because I wanted the new stain color to be very vivid as well as the wood gray still coming through, but I couldn’t decide between the waterproof or weather proof.  I asked a Home Depot employee the difference between the too, and the lady said there wasn’t much but that the weather proof protected the deck from extreme weather. I live in Michigan where we experience all sorts of weather conditions, so I decided on the weather-proof stain. I’ll have to let you know next summer how it withstands the winter. As for color, we went with boot hill gray which had the perfect combination of brown and grays for our house.

To prevent the stain from getting on the windows or the siding of our house beneath the deck, we covered it with plastic and used tape to secure it to the house.

Looking back, I wish I would have captured more photos of the process, but it was hot out and I just wanted to finish so snapping photos was the last thing on my mind. Paul applied the stain by using a deck painter pad (this is the one we used). As Paul did that, I got to do the most fun job of all (insert complete sarcasm). I got to use a cheap $1 brush and apply by hand the stain to our 1000+ spindles. Okay, maybe 1000+ is a large over exaggeration but after painting the 4 sides of the spindles in the hot sun, it sure felt like there were that many.

Here is what the decked looked like after the first application. 

 We let the stain dry for 2 hours and then applied the second coat.

And here is the finished deck! Since the stain color doesn't look like a traditional wood color, it almost looks like the deck is more painted which I like. 

Despite it not being a very fun project, I am very glad on how it turned out. I love how the color isn’t super drastic, but now it all has one consistent look and it no longer looks weathered. Besides staining the spindles, we also thought it applied very well and would definitely recommend it thus far. 

This product claims that it can potentially last up to 10 years, so I’m hoping it lasts quite awhile because I have NO desire to do this anytime soon. I don’t say that to discourage any of you from tackling this project, just know that it’s not fun while doing it but it’s worth it in the end (like a lot of things in lifeJ)

Stay tuned to see a full reveal of this space next week!! 

Disclosure: this post was not sponsored by Behr, I just like to share my projects and the products I use! 


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