May 19, 2016

Basement Makeover Design Plans

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (@grandvillelife), then you may have seen that we've recently started working on our basement. I bet some of you are thinking, "wait... weren't you guys in the middle of re-doing your kitchen"!? Yes, we are, but somehow after we finished installing the backsplash (more on that next week) my husband spontaneously decided that it was time to work on the basement so that he could have a space to hangout while the kitchen is in disarray during the cabinet painting and getting new flooring phase (I don't blame him!). He isn't one to always want to begin projects, so when he was the one to insist on it, I jumped on it right away before he could change his mind. 

I don't think I've ever shown photos of our basement so I've included some down below for you to see. Don't mind the huge elliptical in the middle of the room, I snapped these photos right before we began painting and I had just shifted all the furniture around, as you can probably tell with the random paint spots all over the wall. 

When the elliptical isn't in the middle of the room, it's parked in front of that blank wall.  That  desk is where I've been sewing for the last year and a half, and although it doesn't look like anything special my husband got it for me when we were dating to use as a vanity so it's pretty special to me. Since taking this photo though, it's already been removed because this wall is getting something special done to it very soon! 

This hallway is to the left of the living space, which has a door to our 5th bedroom, aka my storage room, closet doors that hide our furnace and a door at the end of the hallway that’s for an unfinished bathroom.

 As you can see our basement is pretty tan and blah, in fact this was the color that was used throughout the entire house when we moved in so we are pretty excited to see the rest of it go!

 Our goal is to begin using the space more often so with the makeover we want to make it more functional and reflect our style more.  For Christmas, I got my husband a projector, so the space is primarily going to be used as an area to lounge and watch movies in.  Since Paul is claiming this space as mostly his, he wanted a lot of say when it came to the design of it. He told me he wanted it mostly white and gray (I insisted we have a little blue so that it flows with the rest of our house) that also had metal and wood accents to give it an industrial feel. After several discussions, and me putting my own touches on it, of course,  we agreed on this design board:

I'm not sure what I would call the exact style of this design, but I like to think it's a mixture of coastal, industrial, and cozy modern. As Paul requested, I stuck mainly to a white and gray color palette through textiles, accents, and the new wall call which is Eider White by Sherwin Williams. We already have finished painting the basement and the lighter cooler color has made all the difference!

As for the furniture, we already owned the couch, and my husband's number #1 request was to have a brown recliner chair so although these might not of been my #1 choice, it's going to save us money using the existing couch, make my husband happy, and I think the brown will add a nice touch of warmth to the space. 

The coffee table shown is from restoration hardware, but Paul and I plan to attempt another DIY coffee table since the one in our family room went so well! 

As for the rug, I've been wanting to jump on the shag-rug train for awhile now so when one went on great sale over Mother's Day weekend, I got it because I thought it would be perfect for the space.  In fact, it arrived last week and I couldn't be more pleased! 

We are no longer going to be using the media cabinet that is in the before photos, and instead we decided on using a storage cube system from ikea and storage cubes that I got here. It was an affordable option that we also thought would be great for storage one day when we have kids and they have tons of toys and books. 

For the wall where my sewing table currently is, we plan on doing a built in space to store the media equipment and to also create a desk, with inspiration from the built-ins we see above, which will even include ship lap!!  This part was mostly my husband's idea, so i'm very proud of his good taste! As for the coloring of the built in media cabinet we are going to use the same paint color as  Erin Gates used on her bathroom vanity in her beloved makeover seen below (Color is Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore). The wall color she used is also Eider White (same as what we painted our basement) so I think it will end up going very well together! 

So what do you think? I'm actually very excited about this project, because for once my husband is actually excited to work on a space. Since he is so eager to complete it, this project is actually moving a long rather fast so I hope to have an update for you very soon! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I really enjoy making the most out of living spaces in the house. And basements are a great place to start. They should really be so much more than a storage space if you know what I mean! So much potential!

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