July 22, 2016

Friday Favorites: Beach Must-Haves

Happy Friday!! It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a Friday Favorite’s, in fact I can’t even remember the last time I’ve done one, but I've been to the beach the last couple of weekends and am heading to a pool party this weekend so I thought I'd round up my favorite beach favorites that I currently use and currently love. Check them out!

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1. I bought this picnic/beach blanket from Target and have yet to use it but am so excited to. It's machine washable and perfect for all summer activities plus it's navy striped so it's a win win:)

2. I bought a fedora from Old Navy earlier this season and it's the best fitting hat ever, so although it's now sold out, I have to think Gap's fedora hats fit just as well since they are owned by the same company.

3. Can't go to the beach without a beach bag.!

4.  I also don't own a turkish towel but have been patiently waiting to get one because I love the look of them so much and hear that they dry very easily!

5. I love my hydroflask and it's the perfect bottle for the beach if you want to keep anything cold.

6. We just bought this cooler from Costco, and it's been the perfect size for us. Plus I matched I matched it to our picnic blanket, priorities, right?

7. The same way I have obsession for pillows, I have an obsession for beach coverups. I own so many and just love them! Although I don't own this exact one I've been eyeing it and think it's beautiful.

8. My sister gave me a reusable tote from Lilly Pulitzer for a Bridesmaid gift, and since then I've loved brining it to the beach and putting snacks or beach towels in since it's water proof.

9. I love listening to music at the beach, so although this isn't the exact one my husband owns I love the color of it.

10.  I have sensitive skin so I love using this sunscreen. It's been my go to this entire summer.

11. I don't own this, but how awesome would this be for the beach?!

12. I love being festive so what's a picnic blanket without a picnic basket!

13. This bathing suit is just stunning! I'm currently not in the market for a new suit, but if I were I'd be very tempted to purchase this.

14. These have been my go to pair of sunglasses for the past couple of years!

15. These are my go to flip-flops at the beach. They are so convenient and comfortable!

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