July 7, 2016

Deck Makeover and Sources

Long time no see! I can't believe that it's already July! It's been awhile since I've blogged, but lately I've just been trying to enjoy the summer and this beautiful weather that is so limited here in Michigan, and in the last couple of weeks I've just been very un-inspired when it comes to design so I took a little blogging break. 

BUT.. I'm back and feeling more inspired so today I'm giving you the full details on our deck makeover. I've also included all the sources to the deck at the bottom of the post.

Last month I shared how I stained our deck and also shared a post of some Lowe's products I used to turn our deck into an oasis, but in case you saw neither here is a before and after picture. 

Quite blah, right? When I decided to makeover this space I turned to Pinterest for inspiration like I normally do, but I had a hard time finding deck inspiration for small decks like ours. Most of what I found were gorgeous huge patios that I can only dream about having, so it took a little extra imaging on my part to come up with something for this space that was practical and would fit on this small deck of ours. In the rest of my house I used the color blue, so of course I had to bring my favorite color outside as well. 

Now onto the best part, the "after" photos. 

Along with our deck makeover up top, we also racked up the area under our deck and laid fresh mulch which was a quick and affordable way to clean things up. 

I wanted to create a summer under the lights look, so naturally the lights were my favorite part which I shared how we hung them here.  We love the look of them, but o be honest though, we haven't used them as much I'd like because saying that the mosquitos LOVE them is an understatement. When we turn the lights on when it get's darker at night, I swear every mosquito  in our neighborhood heads over to our house for their own deck party. And I've tried using a citronella candle, but it doesn't phase them one bit. 

These mint chairs, which I linked below, we got last year so they helped to set the color theme of the space. Since the pillows I got had navy in them I decided to get a navy outdoor rug. I was skeptical of an outdoor rug at first and was unsure how it would hold up in the rain, but so far my husband and I have been very impressed. It’s very thin so it dries very fast.

To give the deck a more tropical feel, I decided to put a palm tree in the corner of the deck and I love the look of it. The only downside is that we live in Michigan and I was told our sun is harsher than Florida sun, so I have to constantly rotate it from on top of the deck to under the deck to give it shade so that it doesn’t die. I love how it looks so it’s worth the added work for me, but I’m not sure if the hubby would agree!

I’m a believer that you can never have enough lights so I also added some lanterns with flameless candles and votive candles to really give the space some ambience, but these also aren’t lit very often mostly because I’m just lazy.

It's not the most gorgeous patio makeover, but It fits my style and space perfectly which makes me happy! In case you wanted to know any of the sources, I've linked them below! 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

Disclosure: some affiliate links used


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