November 4, 2016

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Part 2: Priming

Happy Thursday, and welcome back to part 2 of my painting my kitchen cabinet series. Two weeks ago I shared the first part of how I prepped the cabinets, so if you missed it you can read about it here. This past Saturday I headed down to Charlotte, NC for my company's yearly national trade show, so my goal was to finish this project and post about it before I left. I was able to finish the project before I left (can we say Hooray!!!) but due to my hectic work schedule, my blog posts are a little behind. Better late than never, right?! Plus, I promise the result will be worth the wait!   Before I just jump into the final result and the painting process, stay tuned for it early next week, I thought I would quickly share with you the next step after prepping which is priming! 

Before I started this project, I did quite a bit of research on what tools to use to apply the primer and paint. I considered spraying the cabinets, however, I have no experience and didn't think that this should be my first attempt at it so I ultimately decided on using these mini foam rollers specific for cabinets and doors from whizz along with a 2" brush (I used this exact one and LOVED the short handle) 

I ultimately decided to use Smart Prime from Zinsser, mainly because it's what Sherry from Young House Love suggested as well as it's water based but with oil based properties making for an easy clean up and low odor option, that is also very durable. I have used other Zinsser primers in the past and have always been extremely impressed.

When applying primer, it's good to know going in that it's never going to look perfect. It's meant to be a little rough so that the paint sticks to it like glue. Primer is sticky to work with and dries rather fast and it's important to apply in thin coats and to make sure that there is no drips or pooling in the corners! On the cabinet doors I only did one coat, and on the cabinet bases I did two coats. Make sure to wait the minimum amount of time between coats, which you can find on the directions on the primer paint can label. 

On the right the cabinet door is just primed and the left part of the door is primed and painted, and as you can see the primer doesn't go on full coverage but acts as a great base. 

And here are the bases primed. I didn't prime and paint the inside of the cabinet bases because once the doors are on you won't be able to see inside and it was just more work and I frankly didn't care if the insides were white. To keep paint off the backsplash and countertops I laid some kraft paper down and trimmed out the bases with painters tape. I let the doors and bases dry for a day before starting the painting process which I will be sharing early next week! 

 What do you think so far?! It's definitely coming together and I can't wait for you to see how it turned out! Stay tuned! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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