November 8, 2016

Spray Painting Pumpkins & How to Keep from Rotting

As a blogger, this Fall I completely failed at decorating and doing DIY projects for this season, but I did manage to squeeze in one!   Last year I did the exact same project of spray painting pumpkins (since I love me some white pumpkins) , but they started to rot rather quickly so I never blogged about them. This year, however,  my pumpkins have lasted 2 months so far and since I consider that a success I thought I would share what I did differently this year. 

The past two years I have bought my pumpkins from our local grocery. They come in bags of about 8 pumpkins and I try to choose the ones without a lot of brown spots, as these are the areas I find that begin to mold the fastest. 

Once I brought them home I used clorox germicidal bleach wipes and gave them a wipe down. Last year I soaked them in a water and bleach solution, but that got messy and time consuming so I much preferred using the wipes this year. The main thing I did this year that I think made all the difference was that after I I cleaned the pumpkins with the bleach wipes is that I left them sit on our countertops for a week to completely dry and rid them of any moisture. Then after a week of drying,  I took them outside, covered their stems with painters tape and spray painted them using Rust-oleum Primer and Paint in glossy white. Once they dried,  I trimmed back the pumpkins with the longer stems and then I took them inside and began decorating!!

I decided to put our pumpkins on our living room mantle so that I could enjoy them daily since I had no other fall decor out.  I love how neutral they are, but how they give a little season festivity to the space. 

I put the remaining pumpkins in my wooden bowl that I have on our media console and LOVE since it resembles a dough bowl but only costs $25!

I have thoroughly enjoyed these pumpkins these last 2 months, but I'm pretty excited to replace them with Christmas decor soon! I have always waited until after Thanksgiving to start decorating for Christmas but I don't think this year I can wait so stay tuned!

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