February 13, 2015

My Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to this weeks Friday Favorites where I share some things I've been loving this week! This week I'm changing it up a little and it's inspired by the interest a lot of you had about the $20 cable channels I mentioned in an Instagram post on Saturday. That said, I thought I would share more details on that, plus sharing two of my favorite ways to save money when shopping. 

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1. Sling TV is where we got the cable channels for $20 a month. We didn't have cable before because we would rather spend the money on house projects right now, but for $20 a month and getting access to some of our favorite channels we couldn't turn this deal down. Some of our favorite channels that are included in the package are HGTV, ESPN, ESPN2, Travel Channel, TNT, and Food Network. There are also other channels that come with the package. The important thing to note about these though is that you need a streaming device to have Sling TV. This would include things like having a Roku, streaming on their app on an Ipad, Smart TV's like the Amazon TV, and etc. If you don't have cable or are looking to only have a few channels, this is a great option to look into. My favorite part about it too is that you can watch TV live or you can go back and watch episodes, so of course that means Fixer Upper on HGTV has been on my TV constantly this week. Also, last night while watching it, I saw that they are allowing people to try it for 7 days free!

2. Ebates:  Ebates is what I have found to be the best way to save money when shopping online. Ebates rewards consumers with cash back on purchases while providing access to thousands of coupons, discounts, promotions and deals. How it works is that you sign up for a free account with Ebates and before you purchase something online you go to their site and type in the store you want to buy something from. It then will bring you to the store and show you if that store has coupons and it will tell you what that stores cash back incentive is. For instance, one that I try to take advantage of is when Macy's cash back is 10%. That means the total amount you spend at Macy's you will get 10% of that back from Ebates . For example if you spent $100 at Macy's you would receive $10 back from Ebates during the next pay period. Once you find the store you want and click "Shop Now" you will be directed to Macy's and Ebates creates an "Ebates Shopping Trip" so that it can track these purchases. I've had an account for a year and I've already made/saved a little over $200. I have even got my Mother-in-law hooked on it who shops online all the time. Also, if you don't want to go through the site every time, you can add a button that goes next to the URL bar so that it will naturally track it every time. This is a great way to save money if you're already buying things online. Also, if you spend $25 at some online store within a year of having your EBATES account they send you a $10 gift card that you get to choose when you first sign up.

3. Slick deals  is a website that my husband especially loves. Slick Deals doesn't require you to have an account and is a website that tells you about different deals that are going on. The difference between this site and many others is that not only are people adding many of these deals, but they also write comments about the deals validity and value. The way that Paul and I like to use slick deals the most is to find when different stores online let you double stack coupons, but aren't advertising this on their own website. One of my favorite clothing stores is Banana Republic, and on multiple occasions I've been able to get everything over 50% off because of seeing posts by others that have let me know that you can double stack coupons. This takes more time and effort than getting an immediate cash back, but we still like to take that extra bit of time if that means saving more $$. 

Those are just my two favorite sites for saving money, and there are some other great ones out there as well! What are your favorite sites to use to save money? 

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  1. Thanks for the info, girl! I'm totally going to check out Sling.

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