January 19, 2015

Guest Bathroom Design Plans

When we bought our house we knew that we definitely wanted to update the look in the guest bathroom. The bathroom has peachy brown walls, light vanity cabinets, and a builder grade mirror. It is in great condition but lacked the personality and style that I wanted.   

Here is an image of what the guest bathroom looked like when we originally walked through the house.

And, this is what the bathroom has looked like since moving in 4 months ago.  

Our guest bathroom was the last room on the first floor that needed to be painted, and this weekend it got painted in accessible beige by Sherwin Williams which is also the paint color in our living room (it's a light greige color).  My plan was to get the family room and kitchen area more completed before working on any other rooms, but now that the guest bathroom has been painted I can't help but want to tackle this room. This was the only room in the house that I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it before moving in, so that probably explains why I'm so eager to jump on this project. 

Above is the design plans for our guest bathroom. My goal for this bathroom was to create a very light, timeless  and neutral looking space on an affordable budget. Here are the key features of the design: 

- White Vanity: To make the space look brighter, I'm going to make the vanity white. To do this, I will use the existing vanity cabinets and paint them white with paint I already own. 

-  Brushed Nickel Pulls: To give a more personalized look, I will be adding sleek nickel pulls to the vanity cabinets. I haven't decided on anything yet, but I'm considering these ones from Target. They come in a 6 pack which makes them more affordable. 

- Vanity Mirror - We will be removing the builder grade mirror and I want to replace it with a reflection wall looking mirror. I love this one from Z Gallerie but I don't want to pay their price. I'm hoping I can find a more affordable alternative at HomeGoods.

- Shower Curtain: I will be using a striped neutral shower curtain that I purchased before we moved into the house. We will also be changing out the shower curtain bar and adding a curved shower curtain to create more space in the shower. 

- Bath Rug: I hope to find a similar looking rug at HomeGoods.

-Vanity Lights: I want to change out the existing lights, but don't want to pay an arm and a leg for a new one so I'm thinking I might go with this light fixture. I love it's sleekness and it's currently 30% off. 

Once I have these main components done I will then decide on whether I want to put shelves above the toilet or a piece of artwork. I'm excited to see the changes take place in this room. I'm currently out of town for a work trip, so I won't be able to start executing this design plan until this weekend. My hope is to get this space done in the next month and plan to have a full reveal sometime in February.

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  1. Oooohhhh! So pretty! I'm currently making a mood board for my "desk nook." I've made a couple before by using free mood board templates that I find online, but was wondering how you make yours? It's very pretty! :) Great job, girl!

    1. I use PowerPoint. Everyone is shocked when I say that, but it works really well for me. I screen shot images that I want to use in my mood board and then drag them into a PowerPoint. I then use the remove background feature to remove the white space around the product. I then layer items by right clicking on the item and choose arrange. The make everything group together you highlight all of the items and right click and choose group. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions about this.

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