January 8, 2015

Mini Nightstand Makeover

Today I'm going to be sharing the easy mini makeover that I did on our night stands. These were the nightstands that I used during college, so when we moved into the house we decided to just keep using them for now instead of buying new ones. 

They were a little scuffed up and when we got our new head board I thought they looked too dark, especially with the backing on the nightstand, so I took two easy steps to correct this and give it a mini makeover.

Here is a closer up picture of what they looked like before. 

The first issue I had with them was how dark they looked against the wall. I didn't want to paint them because of it's veneer finish, so I decided that taking off the back would expose the lighter wall color and therefore not make them as dark. These are cheaper nightstands that came in a box and needed assembly, so you could probably only do this with nightstands that have a removable back. 

The backing of the nightstands were attached by brad nails so I removed all of the nails with a pair of pliers. 

By taking off the back, it not only brightened out the space a little bit more because of the exposed lighter wall behind it, but it also highlighted the fact that there was a shelf on the bottom of it. 

The second thing I did was use furniture markers. The pack I bought were these Rejuvenate Wood Furniture markers that I bought at Home Depot and I used the shade espresso. 

In the past 2 years of using these nightstands the edges had gotten scuffed and had left the light wood underneath to be exposed. 

To fix this,  I used the espresso marker to essentially draw in the scuff marks. Here is what the edge looked like afterwards. I was thoroughly impressed with how well the color of the marker matched the espresso finish on the night stands. 

Not sure how, but even the edges on the legs were scuffed, so I drew those in too. 

 Here is a picture of half of the leg done, and the other half still scuffed. 

 Here is the leg after they got all drawn in. 

And Voila, here is the finished nightstand! Not a big makeover by any means, but it was a good touch up until we get new ones. This is a great mini makeover for anyone who has these kind of night stands and wants to spruce them up a little. I'd also recommend those markers to anyone who has small scratches on any piece of wood furniture and wants to color it in. I haven't used any of the other shades, but the expresso shade worked great! 

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